Friday, June 8, 2012

We're moving! (Important links below)

These are not my kitties, but aren't they cute? Image: mava

Big news! As of June 2012, Blogus scientificus has taken up residence at EarthSky, already home to my "Lifeform of the Week" posts (formerly "Species of the Month" here at B. scientificus). Same great product, but now with 50% fewer typos (disclaimer: estimate not based on actual data).

The debut post is already up, and you can see all my EarthSky posts whenever you like simply by clicking this LINK. Isn't modern living easy? And, as if that weren't amazing enough, you can also follow me on Twitter (allow a few days for me to figure out what exactly one does on Twitter.)

Earlier posts will remain at this location, and you can always browse the archive if you're feeling lonely or bored. In case you're especially resistant to change, I've preemptively placated you with the above cat photo. Aww.


  1. Hi Alex,
    Great article on armadillos at EarthSky on 2/19/15. I would add only one thing: the armadillo's ability to use delayed implantation. Females can control when fertilization takes place and thereby avoid giving birth in extreme weather conditions, either hot or cold.

    Helen Mar Parkin, Lindale, TX